About Us

The Mühlberger Group

Work safety and technology of the first order

We are your strong partner for technical solutions and innovative system services. No matter whether you are looking for the best personal protective equipment (PPE) or the right materials for the manufacture and upkeep of your technology.

Even as part of the Haberkorn Group, we live by the values of a family business that aims to be a safe, fair and reliable partner for our customers, staff and suppliers.

We work with you to develop precise, needs-based supply systems, offer you professional services, and supply products of a quality and availability you can rely on.

Product range – extensive, safe and flexible

It goes without saying that any products you need but we don’t have will be added to our product range.

Specialist advice – industry-specific and tailored to your needs

We are specialists and support you during the planning and realisation phases of your projects. We are sure to have the contact who understands your specific requirements and can work with you to develop and implement a suitable one-stop solution.

Logistics and supply chain management – well reasoned and optimised

For you, this means full service that enables you to plan with confidence as well as real added value from precisely tailored services.
Logistics 4.0 - discover our cutting-edge dispensing systems and vending machines, for example, or our efficient use of RFID systems.

Innovations – sustainable and strategic

We cooperate with you to integrate new technology into our processes so that we can keep on optimising the services we provide. Innovative services for optimised, reliable, efficient supplies.

Quality management – accurate and reliable

As a member of the various specialist groups of the VTH and the Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (Industrial Practices Interest Group) (IGR) e.V., we know: you have to play it safe in your operations. That is why we apply high standards. Compliance with these standards is continuously monitored.

  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001- 2015
  • Competent quality assurance for flawless products
  • Taking over the incoming goods inspection for our customers
  • Qualified in-house material analysis and testing
  • Material certificates are stored in our databases

Sustainability – visionary and prudent

Sustainable concepts are in high demand during times of climate change. We aim to set a good example and have been relying on renewable energies for years to protect the environment. What is more, we are always looking for new ways to protect and conserve resources.

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